We are so excited to do our first art collaboration with our good friend Rebekah Steen, behind Goldfish Kiss. Rebekah is a beach girl, lover of all things ocean and an amazing creative/artist. When Rebekah lived on the island of Oahu a few years back, she started her awesome blog. In recent years, Rebekah has moved off the islands but she is always trying to find ways to come back to this beautiful paradise we call home. Which is where her quote, "If Found Please Return To Hawaii" was inspired. No matter where she is, there is one thing we can all agree with her on, we always want to end up in Hawaii! 

Our collaboration is a simple pocket tee with Rebekah's awesome quote, "If Found Please Return To Hawaii" on the front and our retro inspired illustration on the back. Shop the latest collab below, only a few are made and will be available for a limited amount of time. Exclusively sold on our online shop!

Photo Oct 15, 10 49 07 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 15, 10 49 11 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 15, 10 49 13 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 15, 11 01 26 PM.jpg